Giving Back

Welcome Friends of Renee

I am passionate about helping a friend who is battling with Lyme disease and that is why I have decided to personally donate 25% of my commissions on any home loans that are referred to me through the Friends of Renee community. If you know Renee and or have participated in any of the ongoing fundraisers I would love to join forces with you so please keep me in mind on your next home purchase or refinance loan.  Or better yet tell a friend that’s in the market about the cause and how we can raise some more money for Renee.  Thank you for your support.

With support from Renee’s community, we have closed 5 loans thus far and have already raised close to 4500 dollars for Renee! My personal goal is to raise 10,000 dollars personally for Renee.  With your help we can reach our goal so please contact me with your home financing needs and we can make a huge difference together.

Testimonial from a Friend of Renee who recently closed their loan

Scott took the time to walk through the different loan options in great detail to make sure we selected the loan package which was right for me.  He was able to secure a lower interest rate, higher appraisal and lower closing costs – and generously contributed part of his commission to a charitable fund to help a mutual friend. ” – Nona Janssen

Important Notes: Donations are coming straight from Scott McPherson, not from C2 Financial Corp. If a loan is originated with another loan officer employed or affiliated with C2 Financial Corp then no donation will be made. Scott McPherson assumes all responsibility of charity donation, C2 Financial Corp is not responsible and or makes no warranties or guaranties about the content of this advertisement or statements made above.